Do you want to go someplace fun and exciting? Experience the places you have read about in classes or seen in movies? Travel and hang out with your friends?

We know you are looking for more than a seat on a plane or another “educational field trip.” You understand learning doesn’t just happen by reading books and sitting at a desk listening to someone talk. You want to see things, do things, experience things, and actually enjoy the learning process!

That’s what World Classrooms’ trips are all about. We realize education is not confined to four boring school walls, and we specialize in creating and leading fun, hands-on learning adventures. We take pride in selecting activities, sites and events kids love doing.

We are serious about seeing students do great things. You begin by leaving the comfort of home…and opening yourself up to an adventure that needs your participation.

Visit our website’s Tour pages. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Look at the pictures and what other students just like you have said about their travel experiences. You won’t be disappointed!

There’s a huge world waiting for you to get out and discover it, so LET’S GO!