Our goal with every student is to make funding their journey easy. World Classrooms specializes in promoting personal fundraising, focusing students’ efforts on programs that work, such as crowdfunding/social media campaigns, and educational investment gift letters. We encourage students and parents to build their own team for funding their trip, rather than count on school or teacher-led fundraising, and we provide them with the tools they need to be successful.

StudentsinNYCOur fundraising material has everything you need. Each step is designed with support materials that work together seamlessly, so everything you do is easy and stress free. Here are a few of our most popular platforms:

“Educational Gift” Support Letters

This is the single most successful way students from around the country are able to raise funds. We provide templates for students and their families. Each letter is personalized, simple, and a great way to connect.

Social Media Funding

This new and very successful method of getting the word out to friends via social media is as easy as it gets! Create a fundraising campaign online to share your story and attract support. Easily accept donations online without the hassle of checks or mail-in forms. Post updates and send thank you notes to all those who supported you!

Early Bird Scholarship

Additional funding is available via our Early Bird Scholarship. Ask your World Classrooms representative about important deadlines and dates so you don’t miss out!