Our goal is to make educational travel attainable for all families. We want everyone to have the opportunity to expose their students to the history and culture these trips provide. Our process and materials are tailored to ensure this vision becomes a reality.

The payments are easy and affordable. The monthly installment comes to less than the cost of a latte a day!



Our monthly installment plan is the easiest and most affordable way to make this educational investment possible for students and parents on any budget. Our automated program allows participants to pay in smaller, equal, and manageable increments each month between enrollment and departure. Parents and students never need to worry about large payments, deadlines, or late fees.


“I don’t have to do yet another fundraiser, do I?” No, you don’t! This seems to be one of teachers’ and parents’ biggest hesitations when it comes to school trips. Educational gift letters enable students to build their own support team, rather than relying on school-led fundraisers. Download, personalize and send these letters to your students’ inner circle and watch as the support grows for this incredible opportunity.


All of our travelers are entitled to an early bird scholarship to apply toward their trip tuition. We want to reward our awesome travelers and their families with this supplement to make enrollment that much more affordable. What qualifies you for the early bird scholarship? If you’re coming along, you qualify!

*More details at parent informational meeting.

“Kudos for constantly striving to look for ways to make an exceptional trip even better! Thank you for your passion in bringing history and culture to kids. We are grateful we said “YES” to this opportunity!”