Making educational trips available and affordable to all students and parents is central to who we are.


Monthly Installment Program

Our Monthly Installment Plan is the easiest and most affordable way to make this educational investment possible for students and parents on any budget. Our automated program allows participants to pay in smaller, equal, and manageable increments each month between enrollment and departure. These small installments are processed via credit/debit card or deducted directly from a checking account. Parents and students never need to worry about large payments, deadlines, or late fees.


Manual Payments

With Manual Payments, the trip price is the same, but the trip payment is divided into 2-3 easy installments after enrollment. These can be made online by logging into your World Classrooms account, by calling in with your credit/debit card information, or by mailing a check or money order. You may pay for your trip in full at any time before the installment deadlines.

Simply submit your completed Enrollment Form or
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