Travel with confidence

Safety comes first, second, third, fourth… WC is excited to welcome you back to travel in a way that is safe, but no less amazing! The health of our travelers is our top priority, so we have implemented physical distancing and sanitation practices while on tour based on current public health guidelines. Our team will be trained on our Five Step Safety Plan below and will be with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless experience. As we monitor the COVID-19 situation and updated recommendations, we will make the necessary adjustments to our protocols to support safe travel. It may look a little different, but your trip will continue to be filled with unforgettable fun and adventure!


Be sure you and your traveler feel confident before ever hopping on the bus to the airport! 

Rooming Accommodations

  • We will strategically align roommates with students’ small, assigned travel groups, and they will remain the same throughout our stay.
  • Want the option to room alone or with your student? Alternative rooming options will be available.

Pre-Trip Departure Meeting

An experienced and knowledgeable tour leader will be coming back to the school for an informational meeting where we’ll update you on current protocols and safety measures, answer any questions you have, and make sure you’re all set for your trip!


Parking lot-to-parking lot, we’re with you each step of the way!

Your CEOs (Chief Experience Officers)

Two trained staff members will be with you from the time you get to the school until you return back home. They are there to ensure safety and a seamless travel experience…Plus, they rock!

  • Over 100 hours of classroom and on-site training
  • Completed background checks and CPR training
  • 24/7 support on the ground in D.C.
  • Will perform daily temperature checks/health screenings each morning and night, as well as enforce mandatory hand washes and masks if needed

Pre-Trip Health Screening

Prior to boarding the bus, your CEO will administer a health screening and temperature check to each individual to ensure that everyone traveling is healthy.


Dedicated to ensuring a tour that is exciting, eye-opening, but most importantly, safe. 

Our Team in D.C. 

In addition to your two CEOs, you will also have a licensed tour guide with you on tour. They are experts in D.C., and, in addition to having mind-blowing facts, they also have extensive knowledge of the local safety protocols.

There will also be support staff on the ground in D.C. at all times.

  • Senior leadership available 24/7
  • Hotel coordinators to monitor proper group safety measures, and assist with health screenings
  • On-call health experts in D.C.

Small groups

We have the ability to stay in small groups while touring sites. This is possible because of our large adult-to-student ratio and the amount of staff we have alloted for each tour.


We will have high-quality, clean, private charter buses at all times while in D.C. They will be sanitized daily, and there will be assigned seating for consistency among travel groups.


All vendors must comply/implement all recommended safety/sanitation measures.


We only stay at the best hotels while in D.C., all of which have physical distancing and sanitation protocols in place to prioritize the safety and health of all travelers.


The restaurants and dining areas we visit not only all possess high culinary standards, they also maintain extremely high sanitation standards and allow for physical distancing with groups of people. We have timed reservations to ensure the areas are prepared especially for us. Plus, we have the ability to do picnics and to-go lunches to give us even more flexibility.


We will only be visiting sites that have safety precautions in place and allow for safe physical distancing. Many of our locations are outside and in open areas, which allows us the ability to divide into smaller travel groups and explore each itinerary item safely.


A safe and healthy goodbye! 

Final Health Screening

Before leaving the east coast and returning home, your CEOs will perform one final temperature check and health screening to ensure everyone is healthy before arriving back to the school parking lot.

If anyone is feeling sick, your CEOs will assure they take the necessary precautions and access the right care.

We want our travelers to feel great, if not better than before they left!