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Safety is our Top Priority

Safety First

Tested and Proven

Last summer we traveled with over 10,000 students. This gives us the confidence to move into this year with full expectations that your trip will be an incredible journey. Travelers were surprised at just how smooth everything went. Many even said, “Best Summer Ever!” We are totally excited about your upcoming adventure!

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Our tested and proven ‘Travel with Confidence’ protocol worked last summer and it will work again. Safety First is always our priority.

We will follow health and safety procedures from the moment you arrive at the school. Procedures and rules may evolve as time goes on, but what we won’t change is our commitment to keeping you safe as we explore together.

Safety Measures

24/7 Tour Directors

Medical, Health and Dental Coverage

Night Security

Travel Groups / Roll Call

Pre-Trip Health Screening

Private Charter Bus

AM/PM Room Checks

“Our ‘Travel with Confidence’ policy features tested health and safety procedures without taking away from having the time of your life.”

Adventure Awaits

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Rooming accommodations and pre-trip departure meetings are a few pre-trip inclusions that can help you prepare for safe travel.

While on tour our Team takes pride in providing top tier safety precautions which include hand selecting four and five star properties to stay at, as well as utilizing the best private charter companies on the east coast.

Our east coast partners are excited to work along side of us to keep our travelers safe all while delivering service second to none.

Adventure Awaits

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